Official: VAR Reviews to Be Shown on Stadium Screens


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Serie A referee checking the VAR monitor, Source:

Lazio had their fair share of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) controversy last season. For example Kolarov’s dubious penalty in the derby and Cutrone’s handball against Milan.

VAR is still a reality in theĀ Serie A and now the Lega has announced that the GLT (Goal Line Technology) and the VAR reviews can be showed on the screens at the stadiums for next season.

But there are some important exceptions. The videos can not include any image that: (1) may have an impact on the course of the game; (2) may reasonably be regarded as controversial to the extent that it is likely to encourage any form of public disorder; (3) may show any public disorder, civil disobedience, and/or offensive material (such as banners or signs) present in the stands or on the pitch. It also concerns the images that can criticize, compromise, or damage the reputation, position, or authority of the referee, players and/or any other figure present at the stadium (including any image whose purpose is to directly or indirectly highlight any offside action, fouls committed by players, potential errors of a match official and/or any behavior that is contrary to the principles of fair play). The videos areĀ also to be shown just once and not in slow motion mode.


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