Patric confident in Lazio: “We are strong from all points of view”

Lazio continue their pre-season training as they now train in Germany, ahead of two final friendlies before the new Serie A season kicks-off. The latest player to be interviewed by the club’s own Lazio Style Radio, is Spanish defender Patric – who only recently signed a contract extension.

ON PREPARATION: “We know that the coach works hard at preparation: it is essential for us and our game. Sure, I’m very mature now compared to the past. We players must always improve, my team mates know that I have an important role in this team both on and off the field. I always work hard to give everything to this society. We are working well on the defensive phase. We must defend everyone and attack everyone. That is one of our goals, to take fewer goals and make lots of goals. We took a lot of goals because sometimes we attacked in mass and we left just a few to defend, we must instead be a single block.”

ON THE TEAM: “We had a season with lots of games, we rested on vacation and now we are ready to start again. We are a fantastic group, in addition to the strong players there is a very close team in which everyone helps each other. The mentality makes the difference: sometimes you have strong players but you are do not work well together. We do not have this problem, we are strong from all points of view.”

ON HIS ROLE: “I have no preference, I play calmly both as a right-sided central defender and as a right wing-back with full width. I feel comfortable in both roles, even if it is my role to run in full swing. I can play both outside and defender, right or left. I try to give my best in every area of ​​the field to satisfy the demands of the coach.”

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