Report: Jordan Lukaku recovering from injury in Belgium, but no space for him at Lazio?

Jordan Lukaku missed out on the training camp in Marienfeld, Germany, due to putting in work in Antwerp, Belgium, to definitively resolve the recurring inflammation of his knee. He has been having this problem since last season, which also forced him to miss the World Cup in Russia with his nation.

According to Radiosei, Lukaku is expected in Rome at full health buy the end of August to return to regular training under the orders of Simone Inzaghi. It is being reported that Lukaku also has a general agreement to extend his expiring contract in 2020 for an additional two years.

Lukaku seems still be in the plans of Simone Inzaghi. However, the physical conditions of Lukaku remain a small puzzle and it is possible that Lukaku may have to undergo a surgical operation in the United States. His massive build does not help and, after having skipped all preparation with the squad ahead of next season, will need caution and a reconditioning work in order not to overload the knee again.

Lukaku will have to work to win a place in the list of Inzaghi’s 25 players to be delivered to the Lega the day before the start of the season. However, at the moment, besides the eight needed Italian and youth products, there are no free slots among the players over 22…


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