Report: Cataldi and Basta to close Manuel Lazzari deal?

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Lazio seems interested in strengthening the right flank and Simone Inzaghi is said to have a particular liking to SPAL’s sensation last season, Manuel Lazzari. Lazio also has the need of adding another Italian besides Acerbi, Parolo and Immobile for the squad registration for the Serie A and Europa League since Sprocati seems to be moving to Parma on loan.

But SPAL has been reluctant to let go of Lazzari and is asking for 12 million euros. There has been ongoing talks of various possible technical counterparts. SPAL requested Caceres and Murgia, but got a solid no from Lazio. There has also been talk about Minala and Di Gennaro in a swap deal.

But according to La Nuova Ferrara, the latest rumour is that the loan of Danilo Cataldi and rights of Dusan Basta plus 6 million euros should be Lazio’s most recent proposal. Basta though, is said to be hesitant about moving to Ferrara, but the prospect of even being dropped outside of the Lazio squad for next season might persuade the Serbian veteran to accept a move.

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