Battistini: “Igli Tare is certainly one of the best at his job”

Eight signings to strengthen the team and give Simone Inzaghi and Lazio a competitive squad. Something may still be missing [another center-back and striker], but for now, with no official departures, there is hardly a chance that other players will arrive in Rome. Sporting Director Igli Tare has been very clear on this: the ‘incoming’ market for the biancocelesti is currently blocked and closed until individual(s) leave the club.

With Di Gennaro, Cataldi, Lombardi, Basta, Felipe Caicedo and many more being actively involved in rumors, we will see if a deal progresses and if Lazio are able to find a someone to enter the team on such short notice.

However, this overall opinion of the market for Lazio remains positive, explained by Graziano Battistini, the FIFA agent who was intercepted by the microphones of “With a lower cost purchasing players than the other top sides in the league, Lazio moves carefully; Igli Tare is certainly one of the best [at his job]”.


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