PRESSER: De Cosmi, Alessandro Rossi has ‘chance to carve out important role’ at Lazio

Lazio are to kick-off their 18/19 Serie A campaign at home to Napoli at the weekend and the role of vice-Immobile looks to have been filled by Lazio’s young Italian forward, Alessandro Rossi.

Speaking about Rossi, as well as various other topics is Roberto De Cosmi, Lazio coach, who spoke to Lazio Style Radio.

“We are at the beginning of the new season, the preparation and the friendly disputes allow us to take cues but then everything will change when there are three points at stake. In the biancocelesti rose, players have been added that have raised the average value, while Napoli has changed in the technical guide but not much in men.” 

“Saturday I do not expect an already bright Lazio athletically, but the team is still strong, even after the three suspended (Leiva, Lulic and Patric ed.) In the control room will be Badelj, certainly Lazio will pay more attention to the defensive phase : balance will be needed and Milinkovic? He is able to make his every play unpredictable by means of the technique he is in possession of.”

“[Rossi] is aware of his qualities, he showed with the attitude of being an important player, he is playing his chances: he is a striker who knows how to attack the space and defend the ball, despite being a ’97 he has already made his debut in Serie A. By character and characteristics he has the chance to carve out an important role in this team.” 

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