Mauricio: “I will leave Lazio for Vasco da Gama”

Mauricio headshot | Source: SS Lazio official site (

After comments and rumours that Brazilian defender Mauricio was about to leave Lazio for Brazilian club Vasco da Gama, the player himself has confirmed on Instagram that he wants to go to Vasco after he has resolved his contract with Lazio:

After the many comments I received these days, I decided to make a statement so that you can understand the situation. I received a proposal from Vasco da Gama but, unfortunately, at the moment we did not define my transfer to the club due to lack of time. The transfer window is closing and I should resolve my situation with Lazio. I need time to do it. I respect Vasco a lot, without doubt one of the giants of our football. Who would not want to wear that shirt? It would be an honor, a privilege. Thank you so much for the messages sent, I hope to meet you one day! A hug.”

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