Acerbi: “We deserved the draw, Lazio is a great club”

He shut down everything he had to close, he assisted the Ciro Immobile’s goal with a great ball over the opposition’s defense, and made the post tremble at the 90′: the performance of Francesco Acerbi is certainly one of the positive aspects to save and take from this match between Lazio vs Napoli. The center defender of the biancoceleste spoke to the microphones of reporters, commenting on his first match with Lazio on this first day of Serie A.

“We played a good first half an hour, then we lowered our quality a bit too much, conceding goals in the last seconds of the first half. There is regret, we deserved a draw, it went wrong.”

“We must definitely work on our mistakes and get into condition, but it is not a game to throw away. The post? Too bad, we deserved the draw, especially at that point. They did not have great chances, but we did not sink the final blow, perhaps because we are not 100% fit yet. We have to get there as soon as possible.”  

“Lazio and the Champions League? The goal is that, yes. Juventus suffered today, the important thing is to start off on the right foot from Saturday.”

“My entry? I immediately found myself very well, they are good guys and great players, then it’s up to you to get ready immediately for a great team like Lazio”.


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