Dr. Rodia: “Luiz Felipe? It is an injury to the calf, the feelings are not positive”

Luiz Felipe, Source: Getty Images
Luiz Felipe, Source: Getty Images

Luiz Felipe was forced to leave the field due to injury at the end of the first half. The head of the biancoceleste medical staff, Dr. Rodia, spoke to the Lazio Style Channel microphones to clarify the player’s conditions.

“Luiz Felipe picked up an injury in his left calf towards the end of the first half and we thought it was appropriate to take him off the pitch. Now, we will complete the further investigations to verify what happened. The feelings for the match against Juventus are not absolutely positive; we must spend at least 48-72 hours to perform the exams and make the appropriate diagnoses.”

“Radu? He has a bruise at the cranial level, with a wound. For some moments he was a bit confused, but he has a strong character and immediately recovered”.

It was recently reported that Luiz Felipe was being scouted by Italian NT Roberto Mancini and with him in the stands yesterday, it is still a potential and valid rumor.


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