From Hotel Melià, Keita Baldé: “Lazio vs Inter will be emotional for me”


The remaining hours of the transfer market were quite frantic at Hotel Melià in Milan. The coming and going of prosecutors, journalists, presidents, and footballers – it was like a traffic jam on a highway. Speaking of players who were in and out of the vicinity, former attacker of Lazio Keita Baldé, after returning to Italy to play for Inter this season, has not yet purchased a place and is staying at the hotel.

Arriving in Milan to sign his contract and take his medicals only a few days ago, the Senegalese international was intercepted exclusively by the microphones of, where the footballer released a statement about the first meeting with his former club, which will occur on October 28th, 2018: “Lazio-Inter? I do not know what I’ll try, I’ll find out that week if I play or not, but it will surely be emotional for me either way”. Laziali will hope that this encounter results in a victory for the biancoceleste, but for Keita Baldé, it will most definitely be a tough and memorable challenge that he will have to overcome if he is to have a proper performance.


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