Diabolik: “No one said ‘no to women’, but the Curva Nord must return”

Head Lazio ultra “Diabolik” has responded to the criticism that arrived after a flyer was distributed, stating women were not allowed to occupy the first ten rows of the Curva Nord: “No one has said ‘no to women’, but they have been asked to leave the first ten rows of the Curva Nord free, always occupied by the boys of the ultras group that are always there for Lazio throughout the season; who always come (men and women who attend the stadium regularly) have fully understood meaning of that flyer. The Curva Nord is not what it used to be and we want to bring it back. The style for us is the first thing and for women who want to take selfies in our midst, kissing in a non-elegant way there are the upper rows. For us it has always been a trench, in a metaphorical sense, and we want to defend that trench. The Curva is lived differently. There, in the first rows, people have died for Lazio and have been arrested all for the sake of Lazio. What the ‘offended women’ did not consider is the security matter. We can not risk that at every goal, a girl or a child ends up squashed against the gate below.”

Diabolik continued arguing that the Curva is not a suitable environment for a woman. That it is like a “gambling den” and it is better to leave these rows to the ultras that also understand and manage the choreography. Diabolik finished his statement with a question about why this matter is so heavily discussed and not who is really responsible for the bridge that collapsed in Genoa and other bridges at risk; “this is how the tactics of distraction from the real problems in society work”, he said.


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