Report: Trouble between Claudio Lotito and Simone Inzaghi?

Claudio Lotito, Source- Il Sole 24 Ore

“Il Messaggero” has this morning released a video where Claudio Lotito is heard talking loudly over the phone with a person he calls “Simone” in a heated argument. This suggests that it should be the Lazio coach Simone Inzaghi on the other end.

Lotito is heard saying:

“Simone, I decide, not you,”

“I’m telling you by every means possible: I want to be sure of those who are sick and those who aren’t.

“You’re always complaining about everything. You have a squad worth 10 times the others!”

In an official statement, Lazio has now commented the video: “In reference to the telephone conversation spread via internet by TrediciDicembre (@ivantarsitano), to confirm the misinterpretation of the fraudulent conversation, the lawyers are instructed to identify the author and the person that distributed it and to  proceed in all civil and criminal cases against anyone responsible for the fact and its diffusion”.

In an interview with RMC Sport, Lazio spokesman Arturo Diaconale confirmed the conversation published by ”Il Messaggero” was between Claudio Lotito and Simone Inzaghi. Diaconale said it was normal for the coach to want ”11 Ronaldos” and for Lotito to point out that’s not possible.

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