Marcolin: “Lazio, against Juventus you can not be pessimistic. Inzaghi will make changes…”

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Lazio are sweating at the sight of the second big match of the beginning of the season against Juventus. Simone Inzaghi will have to remedy the shortcomings seen against Napoli, especially starting from the defensive phase. The former Biancocelesti midfielder Dario Marcolin, who spoke at the Radio Incontro Olympia microphones, analyzed the match of the Biancocelesti, especially from a tactical point of view. The current commentator of DAZN has then rewired the tape to the years spent in the Capital: “If Inzaghi against Napoli has decided not to immediately put the new purchases on the field, it is because he chose to rely on the old crew. Durmisi does not know Callejon, it is obvious that the biancoceleste coach has decided to focus on Caceres, but this should not be interpreted like a rejection. Maybe against a less-strong team we would have seen Durmisi. One game could be an indication, maybe five or six games become a test. Let’s remember that Napoli earned 91 points last year and against Lazio they were the same players except the goalkeeper”. 

THE ERROR IN MARKING ON CALLEJON – “The defect of many defenders is to look at the ball and not the man. Often you mark the area, but the closer you get to the goal, the more you have to mark the man. But if you have defenders like those of Lazio, at that point the best solution is to get on a man. You have to look at the characteristics of the players to mark the area.

HOW TO FACE THE JUVENTUS? – “If you are too negative, sooner or later, a goal will come. At the Stadium, you win the match that Lazio did last year, but you do not have to make mistakes. And the tradition against Juventus in Turin is positive, recall the victory in Super Cup with Conceiçao. Now obviously the two teams are different, this Juventus is stratospheric but has yet to prove it. Inzaghi will have to set up a measured Juventus team who will be quick on the counterattacks. Against Chievo I saw a very linear team that won the match thanks to the substitutions. With all the players available I do not think that Allegri can have any issues. His strength is the management of champions, he knows how to motivate them to the right point and when they enter they always give their best “.

CHANGE FORMATION? – “I think that in his heart Simone wants to stay with the three-at-the-back. Maybe with Leiva and Badelj in the middle can open different scenarios in midfield with a 3-4-2-1, with Milinkovic and Luis Alberto behind Immobile. It will be an experiment that will eventually take place when the team will be more receptive and not before facing Napoli or Juventus. Now you have to be as practical as possible. Milinkovic striker? No more than yes. He is good when he looks towards goal, if you put him striker he has to learn to play with his back facing the net. It’s a whole different story, it completely changes perspective, so let’s not be fooled by the player’s physical size. “

STRIKERS, FROM SALAS TO CASIRAGHI – “Salas had an incredible ability to perform with speed, then that exultation. He even tattooed the image of his bow on his calf. Casiraghi? Zeman changed a lot of players on the pitch, his contribution was very important. Boksic loved more depth, Gigi was more of a maneuver. Zeman had his striker, and the wingers had to go behind the attackers. With these movements came out the best goals from Lazio with Zeman. When he did not play Signori, it was Boksic to on the left with Casiraghi in the middle.

BOKSIC’S JERSEY TOO TIGHT … –   “It was not easy to keep Boksic out, with Zeman he played more, with Eriksson less. Then there was the quarrel of the shirt … I remember that at the time Lazio had new uniforms. Let’s say at that point Alen went to Mancini telling him he did not want to play with that shirt because it was too tight. Eriksson, who was nearby, then invited him to sit down and at the same time called Ravanelli telling him that he would play instead of the Croatian. The story ended there. We say that Eriksson was always quite firm in the decisions “.


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