Dr. Rodia Provides the Medical Reports on Luiz Felipe, Marusic, and Berisha

Two days before the match against Juventus, Dr. Fabio Rodia (the coordinator of the Lazio medical staff) was intervened by the Lazio Style Radio 89.3 microphones to take note of the situations of the injured Biancocelesti players.

LUIZ FELIPE (who was injured in the match against Napoli): “For Luiz Felipe, in the last few days, investigations have been carried out which showed a first to second-degree injury to the muscle of his left calf. The non-optimistic impressions we had felt at the end of the match against Napoli proved to be so. The player will be monitored clinically and will be subjected to instrumental checks – we will observe the evolution of his situation”.

BERISHA“Next, Valon Berisha suffered a first-second degree injury to the rectus femoris (one of the four quadriceps muscles) during summer preparation and his recovery is proceeding accordingly to the pre-established programs: the number 7 of the biancoceleste will be further evaluated in the coming days and, consequently, his return to the field will be scheduled – therefore, in the coming days, we will establish when the Kosovar can return to the group.”

MARUSIC – “Lastly, Adam Marusic, who suffered a sprained ankle injury in the last match, will be fully recovered in view of Saturday’s match”.


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