Lombardo: ‘Lazio tough to beat; team with precise identity and fearsome players’

Former Juventus and Lazio winger Attilio Lombardo knows a thing or two about both clubs. With the match set to take place tomorrow evening at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, Lombardo spoke ahead of the match, to TuttoJuve:

“Lazio come from a defeat in front of their home crowd and will surely want to redeem themselves in Turin. Juventus are more fit but there are the conditions to attend a big match. Everyone thinks that Cristiano Ronaldo will be the decisive man because he did not find the goal in Verona, I think so too. There will be great expectation from his supporters and he will prove to be the champion we all know. 

“However, I think it will be difficult to score a lot in Italy despite the fact that the Portuguese is currently the strongest in the world. In tomorrow’s match, the play of an individual will make the difference but Lazio is a difficult team to beat, with a precise identity and with fearsome players that last season put Juve in trouble in Turin.”

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