Former Atalanta youth coach Valter Bonacina had a tough first spell with the Lazio primavera side, watching as they faced relegation after a dreadful season. Speaking on the mood now, Bonacina spoke to Il Catenaccio:

The guys did their best to avoid relegation, but the camp has said this and we have to deal with the verdict. The team has to grow, but is committed , the guys are giving us inside, I’m confident. We have just started the preparation, so we are a bit behind.”

“Just look at the results over the years. Then it is clear, we must always give continuity, especially in the youth sector. We must not skip the vintages, waste time. Perhaps here in the last two years the results have not been on the side of Lazio, but if you look at the history, especially recent, the biancocelesti have always been at the top.”

It is clear that there is now an important change at global level: in recent years the horizons of football have opened up in a wide way, the clubs go fishing worldwide. Football has changed and we have to accept it. Of course, the Italian youth sector has more difficulties to face, but we have to deal with it. Time says so.”

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