Luis Alberto’s mental coach: “Luis lacks the right rhythm, but he will return”

Luis Alberto of Lazio, Source- Cittaceleste
Luis Alberto of Lazio, Source- Cittaceleste

Lazio’s Spaniard attacker Luis Alberto has not been at the top of his game for the first two matches of the 2018/19 Serie A TIM season. Alberto had some of his summer preparation halted due to injury and maybe he is not yet on proper physical form for the new season. Some have even speculated that a declined offer from his boyhood club Sevilla at the end of the transfer window has disturbed him. Radiosei has spoken to Juan Campillo, the mental coach who a year ago helped Luis Alberto find his true potential.

“Luis is enthusiastic, he wants to have a great season and continue to show his great talent. Perhaps the first games were complicated due to the strength of the rivals and he has not yet found the right rhythm. Today he can only improve. With daily work and the right mentality he will return to his level. Will he be leaving Rome? No, he’s happy here. Lazio is the ideal club to develop its talent. Maybe in the future, he could return to Sevilla, but now he is focused on the biancoceleste”.

Maybe Campillo will be able to sit down with Luis Alberto and make a positive impact on the player. Right now, Lazio and his playing time depend on it if they are to succeed.



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