Luciano Moggi: ‘Lotito is like a dictator… but he saved Lazio’

Claudio Lotito divides a lot of opinion. From his shrewd spending to his telephone outbursts, Lotito feels like somewhat of a liability – and the division of opinion goes way beyond just fans; to staff, players and former professionals.

Interviewed by Il Corriere dello Sport, Luciano Moggi, former Chief Managing Director of Juventus who was at the focal point of the ‘Calciopoli’ scandal, has spoken about Lazio’s president:

“He is like that, he’s a dictator. But, he saved Lazio, and also keeps it at the top of Italian football. At the time when I met him he was a Romanist , and he was always on me. He has overcome any obstacle. The phone call with Inzaghi? If he would have done it in front of the team, it would have been a problem, but in private it can be a useful alarm.”

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