Garlini: “Lazio only needs to change their mentality to succeed. Luis Alberto should not be benched”

“Lazio is a club built to win”. Oliviero Garlini is convinced of this and wants Simone Inzaghi and his team to become aware of their talent and capability. As pointed out by Garlini to the microphones of Lazio Style Radio, the Biancocelesti “need to treat this season in a different perspective than that of last year.” The former striker also believes that “the whole club must understand that this year, it is important to be able to give more due to the entire league improving.”

Substitutions? Based on what I saw in the first two league games, I think that at the moment it is necessary to improve the commitment of the squad. This is because even the best players on the team are struggling,” – he continued – “afterward, you have to pay attention to who will take the field as a starter; it is right to start evaluating and testing the players purchased this summer. I’ll give an example: it could be that this year, even a great Laziale like Marco Parolo could find less playing time. Let me be clear, Parolo likes me very much, but now Lazio has alternatives and it is right to exploit them; this would give him more time to shine in the important matches as well. Valon Berisha, once recovered, is a perfect replacement – he can fit right into this side’s midfield.” 

Bench Luis Alberto? The Spaniard is a player who needs consideration and time, he must play to regain the trust he was given last year, as well as his form.”

“The back-to-back losses? The real regret is in the first match in my opinion, because Lazio was on par with Napoli. Last year, Lazio were unable to manage their attack and fell apart losing 4-1 in the home and away legs – this time they better managed the result and I thought they could have won the match. However, similar to what we saw last year, Lazio instead let themselves go and lost concentration. Against Juventus, I saw a team that did not believe in victory until the end of the match and this makes one think.” 

Frosinone? Sunday is very important as Lazio must take home the 3 points. When you cannot find victory, it weighs you down and you mentally start to blame it for the poor performances. When you move up in the standings, you can reacquire the right attitude”.


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