Simone Inzaghi: ‘An important victory; luck is essential’

Lazio defeated Frosinone 1-0 last night to claim their first three points of the season; which were much needed for Simone Inzaghi’s side after successive defeats against Napoli and Juventus in the opening two weeks of the season. Speaking to Sky Sport after the match, Inzaghi said

“It’s an important victory, we had a good race, they were careful and organized, we had a lot of chances and we could not score in the first half. Once we were a bit relaxed we managed it well. Now we start again, we are a team that likes to play well, this is the beginning of our season. Now the Europa League will arrive and then I will have the chance to see the newcomers too.

The boys I had seen them in the week, they had worked in the right way, they knew it would not be an easy game. I know Frosinone and their coach, I figured they would cause problems, Strakosha did not even make a save, but they did their race, confident despite the two initial defeats. Yes, I had lost 2-0 with Juventus but we took a Pjanic Eurogol and until then we had created something interesting. Then the second from Mandzukic was a bit lucky. But, I believe that luck should be sought. When you propose so much game, luck then helps you and allows you to unlock the result like tonight.”

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