Leiva: “Great team win: last season this kind of match would have ended 1-1”

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Lucas Leiva, Source: squawka.com

At the end of Lazio-Frosinone, Lucas Leiva spoke at the Lazio Style Channel microphones. The Brazilian midfielder analyzed his team’s victory, starting from his praise for his teammate Milan Badelj: “Milan is a strong player, he has been very well placed in the team, he will give us a great hand during the season. We can play together or he can take my place, it will be a long season and we will have to try and feel good, we have a strong squad, after the break we will play every three days and everyone will need it”.

Regarding how much the athletic training has changed with respect to the years at Liverpool, Leiva commented: “These are different preparations: with Liverpool we had lots of games in America and Asia, so we pushed less in training. And in Germany, it will now be necessary to get into rhythm: those who will go to their national teams will put minutes on their legs, we who are left out must work to make ourselves ready, we must be physically fit”.

Regarding Frosinone: “We know that in Serie A there are no easy games, after two losses it was important to take the 3 points, 1 to 0 is enough, we had a great team match: we attacked together and we defended together, last year this kind of game ends 1-1. A win before the break gives us peace of mind This week we worked a lot on management and on the dribble. We knew that Frosinone would be ten behind the line ball. We needed patience and more management of the ball to get a result.”

At the end of the interview, there was also time to talk about the family and little Pedro who already follows in the footsteps of his father: “We are happy here in Rome. Pedro plays in Lazio’s youth, he is a football fanatic. When I need to know the name of some player I ask him”. Like father, like son.

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