Ventura: ‘Young Italians should stay in Italy; Immobile a prime example’

Former Italy manager Gian Piero Ventura spoke to Radio Rai Uno about the importance of young Italian players playing in Italy rather than going abroad. An example he used to support his point was that of Lazio’s Italian forward Ciro Immobile. Immobile had bad spells abroad, only once again finding form when he returned to his native country with the Biancocelesti:

“Young players have to get more experience but not necessarily have to do it abroad. Immobile is a prime example: he came to Turin after a complicated year and then he started again badly abroad where he did not play; until the return to Serie A with Lazio where he returned to score many. The real big problem in Italy is that the result is the only thing that matters and there are only few courageous coaches who debate sending young players to the field.”

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