A very important victory for a Lazio, who are still on the look out to find their best form. Here is the opinion of former Laziale Stefano Mauri who spoke to Radiosei’s microphones. “Lazio had a good game against Frosinone, creating lots of chances to score, especially in the first half. There was a lack of malice at the door of Sportiello’s goal, perhaps due to the fear of not being able to score. The legs of each player are still missing, but this victory gives morale and tranquility to the team. After the first two failed performances, I saw a bit of discouragement but Senad Lulic is one who has kept pushing forward. He is an example of leadership providing important attacks from the left; this is where all the most important dangers came from against Frosinone.”

An overall analysis of the match: “The problem is not when you cannot score, but when you are not dangerous. Yesterday, the goal was to find the advantage and from there, for example, also Luis Alberto seemed more peaceful”.

On the comparison with Sergej Milinkovic-Savic: “Sergei is physically more powerful than me, but fits a little less in the open spaces and wants the ball more to his head. He is an atypical player, different from the others. Yesterday we saw improvements in his gameplay compared to the first two matches”.

Closure on VAR: “It takes away so many errors, especially on offside situations. Last year there were problems, I think this season it will be more accurate. The important thing is to understand when to use it, maybe you could give the choice to the coach or the team captain”.


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