Orsi: ‘Yesterday was a step back but the victory was important’

Fernando Orsi, Source- Trieste Salario
Fernando Orsi, Source- Trieste Salario

Former Lazio goalkeeper Fernando Orsi played over 100 games for the Biancocelesti and was Roberto Mancini’s assistant manager in 2002. Therefore, it is safe to say that Orsi knows a thing or two about the club. Speaking after Lazio’s 1-0 victory over Frosinone, Orsi said the following to Radiosei:

Last year we would have scored 4 or 5 goals against Frosinone, yesterday’s game was a step back if we analyse the performance. However, the important thing is the result, the good remains that and above all the awareness that the team gets from this game. Now, fortunately, there is a break and you can recover some players who have not yet been able to line up with Inzaghi. But it is important to say that this year it will be necessary to win the direct clashes because only through those you can get to the Champions League. Inzaghi? He’s a great coach, he’s already shown it, but I think that among all the Serie A coaches, he’s the one who risks more than anyone to improve compared to last season, it would mean achieving very important results.”

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