Gian Luca Mignogna: “New Documents for the 1915 Scudetto”

Lawyer Gian Luca Mignogna spoke in the La Voce della Nord broadcast to shed light on the situation concerning the 1914/15 Scudetto.

“The procedure for claiming the Scudetto from 1915 is still pending: it is very important to support it because it would be something that would change the history of Italian football, restoring a rightly acquired trophy by Lazio that was arbitrarily denied. Unfortunately, this process coincided with the long institutional crisis of Italian football: as soon as the new Federal President is elected, we have new documents prepared and ready, which we will deposit in due time. These documents will further strengthen our thesis and were obtained by the great work of Centro Nove Gennaio Millenovecento.”

“Lazio was the champion of the center-south championship in 1915 on the field, while Genoa has obtained the Scudetto exclusively and are undue of that title. If at the time, the title had not been assigned to anyone, perhaps it would have been right as the championship was suspended for an event in World War I. Since then, the Scudetto was assigned to Genoa, but the fact was that Lazio was still ahead of the Grifoni in this race to the Italian final. As recognized by many also on the Genoa side and officially by the Committee of FIGC, it is right for Lazio to reclaim the title, without detracting anything from Genoa, is assigned to Lazio as well. Also because Lazio has had the greatest number of athletes who have sacrificed themselves in World War I, a sacrifice that in terms of worth is often forgotten.”


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