Lazio hire former Roma osteopath Maurizio Brecevich

Chaos erupted this summer in the Lazio medical staff after the first days of the camp in Germany. There had been misunderstandings between the former osteopath Riccardo Contigliani and a physiotherapist for various assessments on the recovery of some players. The climate was not at all serene, the intervention of Tare and Peruzzi was needed to intermediate, but this was not enough: Contigliani resigned, the physiotherapist was dismissed. As reported by Radiosei, after the resignation by Contigliani, it was clear that Lotito would hire another osteopath in due time. Maurizio Brecevich has now arrived, who by profession also is a osteopath and from 2009 to 2015 he worked off and on for Roma:

Every year the story was the same, the contract expired, followed by a bit of silence, which I honestly never understood, and I was called back to September. In America there was another osteopath, then the phone rang, sometimes I was in the staff, some not, but I was always with them.” He is a professional and knows how to do (very well) his work: “for 2 years the players ran away from Trigoria and came to my studio,” he said. Zeman, in his Roma years, called him “the wizard of the ankle”.

Now with the arrival of Brecevich in the staff, Lotito is considering the inclusion of one or two new physiotherapists. In the meantime, the former Primavera masseur Romano Papola has been included into the first team to fill the gap.

Source: LaLazioSiamoNoi

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