Albania, Strakosha: ‘We are finding our rhythm; we fought hard’

By Sam Wilson -
Thomas Strakosha
Thomas Strakosha – Source: TheTransferTavern

Thomas Strakosha was one of the Lazio players to feature for their national team, keeping a clean sheet as Albania claimed a 1-0 win over Israel in their UEFA Nations League opener.

Speaking to Telesport after the game, Strakosha said:

“I’m happy for the team, we did a good job even though towards the end of the match we have a struggled a little bit. We showed our qualities after a few games that we did not do well in. We are finding the team rhythm. We ran and fought a lot and due to this we managed to win. 

“We were focused and when one [player] made a mistake, the other recovered. The most dangerous situation? When I was afraid of conceding a penalty but luckily I got the ball. Errors happen during a game but they are shared, as are the merits. We are a team, no matter who is wrong. Fortunately, when Zahavi went one-on-one and he discarded me, he did not kick right away and I had time to recover by intervening again on the ball.”

Confident words from Thomas Strakosha as Albania look to work their way up UEFA’s new competition, brought in to replace the typically boring international friendlies that take club football away from us temporarily.

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