Lupa Roma, Costanzo: “What a thrill to play against Lazio. Tare has done a great job”

A friendly to put minutes into the legs of the substitutes at Lazio and to find the right physical condition, taking advantage of the week stop of the championship. The Lazio of Simone Inzaghi took to the field yesterday morning at Formello, but instead of the traditional training session, a friendly match against Lupa Roma was staged on the fields of the sports center. To find out more about the situation, has contacted Nicola Costanzo sporting director of the host company:

“Certainly it is a certificate of prestige for us being a reality of amateurism, the categories of difference are plentiful. For the guys who were there, all very young, it was great. It was a reason of pride having been paired up with a team in the Serie A of the caliber of Lazio. Being in the field with champions like that, it was a great experience for all of us, a day to remember and to tell”.


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