Later today, Portugal-Italy will kickoff. The Champions of Europe will play against Roberto Mancini’s Azzurri who have the desire to give continuity to an exciting journey and to build a new structure, starting with youth. The Italian national team is preparing for the match against Fernando Santos’s team without Cristiano Ronaldo and Ciro immobile spoke on the matter: “CR7 or not, we will still face a great team – the incentive to win and play well will not be lacking“.

This past Friday, Italy played against Poland in a 1-1 draw. However, the Azzurri’s performance did not live up to expectations: “We can certainly do more – explained the Italian – in the attack, we must be more dangerous, whilst in defense, more careful. In the second half, however, Poland was struggling to get into our half of the field – Lewandowski, who I think is one of the strongest in his role, took only one shot on goal. We must do more offensively.”

Many have thought that Italy pulled up a little on goal against Poland. With this, people started to wonder if it would be possible for the co-existence of Immobile with one of Belotti or Balotelli: “The position you play in is not as relevant to performance – the attacker explained again – the coach can line up what he prefers. What ultimately makes the difference is the head with which you come on the pitch and the determination you have to do well. The harmony is only to help the comrades who are close to you.”


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