Italy, Mancini: “Today, I will change something in the formation. We have to finish first in the group”

A draw in the debut of the new European competition for the new Italian national team of Roberto Mancini. The score ended 1-1 with Poland in the newly created UEFA Nations League: after suffering a goal from Piotr Zieliński, the blues changed tactics and formation and found an equalizer thanks to the penalty scored by Jorginho to level the score in the latter part of the second half. Today, the second match of the group is scheduled against a Portugal without Cristiano Ronaldo. However, the side is not to be underestimated.

Mancini, accompanied at the press conference by Ciro Immobile, took stock of the situation: “Tomorrow the side will be without Cristiano Ronaldo, but there will be many other players to watch out for like RB Leipzig’s Bruma, who is more insidious on the counterattack. It will not be easy, there are many technical players and the team’s philosophy does not change”.

The objective: “We want to have a successful campaign in this group and secure first place in the standings to gain access to the European Championships. We cannot get third, the goal is to try to win”.

The match against Poland: “In the first half we made a mistake in passing and we suffered immediately because of it. In addition, when we attack, we must have more players in the area. Chiesa? He will play tomorrow night. Balotelli? One can also play poorly when he enters the field. Against Poland, it was the first official match, but there will be many other. We must be patient, we will find the right formula”.

The critics and the training: “Everyone can see it as they want, but I’m not worried too much.
It is normal that there are mistakes in a match. It is not a big concern. The formation for today’s match, I still have to choose. We will change some players for sure. Today will be full of fans, sometimes they do not think, they are carefree, I expect that too.”


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