Garlini: “Lazio, against Empoli will not be easy. The national team? It’s a mental problem”

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In recent days it has been all about national teams, with the new UEFA Nations League opening its doors. Two not-so-memorable matches for Mr. Mancini’s Italy, still dry of victories in the competition and struggling to score, especially with the attackers. Former Lazio striker of the mid-80s Oliviero Garlini was interviewed at Lazio Style Channel microphones. These are his words from a national perspective, with a look at the Serie A that will resume this weekend: “There is little creativity, little concreteness, in the defensive phase it is difficult to manage the ball. Even Immobile looked fatigued. The problem in my opinion is mental, psychological, but I’m sure that Mancini will manage to fix things, we need to believe more in what we do: it’s mental fatigue, somebody still has the elimination from the World Cup in their heads. Portugal, while not doing any kind of great things, deserved to win “.

EMPOLI – “It will be a very delicate game. Empoli is a team that has worked a lot, a very cautious team: if they need to stall they will stall. Lazio must be very awake. Right now I think Lazio needs players who are ready and they need points, but I think they can aspire for a place in the Champions League”.

ANTI-JUVENTUS – “Right now there are no challengers. You have to wait and see if teams like Napoli, Inter, Milan, Lazio itself put together several positive results consecutively and then maybe we could say who the challenger is, but right now I find it hard to find one”.


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