Green Club set to be Lazio’s second and new sports center

An oasis 2.6 km away from the Grande Raccordo Anulare, on a side street of Via Nomentana in the direction of Mentana. Here, the new headquarters of Lazio are destined to be born.

The structure is called Green Club and is a location with 14 hectares; a very spacious and at the same time reserved area. It is the ideal place to grow Lazio in the years to come. The area is owned by the religious congregation of the Marsista Brothers, but the whole is managed by Prato Lauro Srl, a company that has the full power to share the space with other organizations. Precisely, this management has meant that the Green Club was completely renovated and redeveloped: 3 soccer fields, two for 8v8, two for 11v11 (one in synthetic grass, the other in natural grass), a guesthouse with at least 35-40 double rooms, more than 12 new 40-meter changing rooms, a center dedicated to physiotherapy, offices, and much more. In short, it is a very respectable sports facility.

According to the press conference from Radiosei, several companies have tried to approach Prato Lauro Srl to secure the facility, but they are all receiving the same answer: “Lazio has priority, please wait”. Claudio Lotito has been investing in the rent (when November hits) for 5 years now, but in that case, the biancocelesti take this opportunity, they will have to share the plant with the Prato Lauro wh have started a football school (SSD Green Club).

At the sports center nothing really is missing: in addition to the restaurant and the various rooms, there are 4 tennis courts a paddling center that will host federal events and beach volleyball courts. An oasis of sport, Green Club is the perfect place to give birth and grow the Lazio of the future.


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