Lazio season tickets: perhaps the Stadio Olimpico is the real problem?

Both teams from Rome, Lazio and Roma, are coming off a positive and relatively successful 2017/18 season: Lazio nearly clinched a Champions League spot with great attacking play in both the domestic and European competitions, whilst Roma, on the other hand, managed to make it to the semifinals in the Champions League and secure a Champions League spot. However, supporters do not seem to be too convinced if you look at the club’s sales of season tickets according to “Il Tempo”. Regardless of the Stadio Olimpico being placed near the city centre, the fans are failing to buy season tickets.

Lazio ended up the ticket campaign on 19,500 season tickets and even if it was an increase of 50 % percent compared to last season, you might think that the Lazio fans in Rome would be more eager to support the team to the Champions League this season.

The situation looks to be identical for Roma, with just 23,500 tickets sold. Ticket prices, traffic problems or just laziness? This could, in the end, harm both clubs, since 12% of the TV rights money depends on the basis of the number of spectators present during the competitions of the past years.

Perhaps the Stadio Olimpico is the real problem. The big stadium is getting more and more outdated and with too few fans in the stands, it doesn’t either create the atmosphere that brings more people to the games. Besides the derbies, the Olimpico makes a rather deserted impression in most games.


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