Nesta: “Leaving Rome was difficult, I did not want to leave. Managing Lazio one day? Maybe…”

The jersey number 13, a captain’s armband, and the biancoceleste as a second skin. The trophies raised to the sky, the triumphs achieved together. In Rome, Alessandro Nesta was and to this day continue to remain as a true legend – one of those whose name can never be erased in the history of football. When one says Nesta, Laziali all say and think of the blue and white colors of their club and remember the indissoluble bond that is able to bring so many memories to mind. A beautiful story, which could have ended on a better note…

The former Lazio center-half is now the manager of Perugia and he took some time to speak to the Radio Radio microphones, where he discussed his career and Lazio.

On his newest venture: “My adventure in Perugia has started well and this is an important place, the perfect place to be fair to continue my coaching career”.

On the current Lazio: “They can try to reach the Champions League, they showed it last year. They have changed little with the squad; they are a strong team and in every game, the squad plays with everyone as a team. Lazio have started like this, this season, but because of the schedule they had to start, it was not easy to get results. However, Inzaghi is a great coach.”

On Francesco Acerbi replacing Stefan de Vrij: “Their characteristics are similar, who will be more effective will say in the Serie A championship and n European competition – we’ll see.”

On coaching Lazio: “If Lazio came, it would mean that I did well in Perugia and took an important route. Lazio would be a point of arrival not only for me because I was the captain, but for everyone, because it is a great team”.

On the goodbye to Lazio: “I’ve said it many times: leaving was very difficult for the fans but also for me. The first months were complicated, but then I became a professional. If I could have returned? For two days there was this possibility, then, in the end, nothing was done. Milan wanted me to stay, while Lazio did not have much desire to recover me, so I stayed in Milan”.


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