Cagni: “To see the real Lazio, it will take some time. Empoli can create problems for everyone”

The countdown has started: there are only three days left until the challenge at the Stadio Carlo Castellani between Empoli and Lazio. To talk about the match, to the microphones of Elleradio, was the former coach of the Tuscan team in 2006, 2007, and 2008, Luigi Cagni.

“I see Lazio as a reality still under construction, there have been changes and it was inevitable that this was to happen. If you change important players, in a very crowded market, you need to have a settling period: I would end the market even earlier, it is difficult to manage a team’s preparation with an open and long market.”

I think the Lazio we saw last year, will not be seen immediately after the break, it takes some games – you can not expect everything immediately. Lazio is criticized both when it expresses an offensive game, and when it plays more defensively: is not a team that can win the Scudetto, but in the two years of Simone Inzaghi, Lazio was the only team, along with Napoli, which was nice to see play calcio”.


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