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Lazio, in the final phase of last season and in the initial phase of the current one, had to fight with some important injuries. The medical staff are constantly working to solve the problems of the players, and continues to analyze the results collected.

Dr. Fabio Rodia, head of the biancoceleste medical staff, in a short interview published on the Isokinetic Rome page, dealt with the topic: “Prevention is very important, because the athlete in the moment in which he faces an injury must change preparation and stop the activity. When the latter is resumed, it is necessary to make some evaluations: the duration of the rest days determines a reduction of the muscular tone, so it is necessary to use some time for the rehabilitation. We have also been confronted internationally with other European clubs, and we are still tasked with improving our already satisfactory results. The data we have obtained in the last two seasons are abundantly in the average of the other teams. When the season is full of events, it is necessary to ensure that players can always express their full potential. Above all it is important for a player to know how to fall and avoid trauma. We always prepare the athlete for events, even if it is difficult to make calculations during the match”.

Lazio will be engaged on three fronts, just like last year. His medical staff will be essential to ensure high performance and optimal physical fitness for his players.


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