Savini and Bollini on Keita: “An odyssey with Pioli, there were problems every day.”

Former Lazio player and new summer arrival for Inter, Keita Balde, got the nod to start in a striking position for Inter today against Parma, however he failed to make an impact and was substituted in the 46′ for Mauro Icardi in a 1-0 loss. To the microphones of gianlucadimarzio.comUlisse Savini (former agent of the Senegalese player) and Alberto Bollini (who was Kieta’s former coach with the biancocelesti Primavera), talked about the player.

SAVINI – On signing with Inter: “Milan is a city that he always liked football. He always told me that he wanted to land at Inter or Milan, now he has the opportunity and he has to make the most of it”The arrival in Italy: “Initially I was hesitant, then Lazio convinced him with his project. It was the father who gave him the advice to come to Italy. He seemed to have been born in Rome, after a very short time he was already at ease”. Pros and Cons: “Brave, personality, and very strong in one-on-one’s. In the contrary, his lack of humbleness. First he had it, but then he lost this feature”. The closure with an anecdote: “The management by Stefano Pioli was an odyssey, they did not like each other and every day was a problem”.

BOLLINI – On the arrival to Lazio: “When he got to Lazio in the first year, he could not play. We worked a lot together with the doctor of the Primavera of Lazio to make him integrate better: we organized a friendly only to allow him play”. Characteristics: “He had a scary and powerful dribble. He waits for his opponent to lift his support foot to unbalance him and then leave him in the dust with his speed. His faults? I remember some mistakes at the opponents goal. When he plays from the start, he does not always manage to express his potential the best way”.


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