Marchesi: “Ledesma? Playing with him is exciting”

Lazio’s Primavera side was fresh off a disappointing season when they added midfielder Federico Marchesi to the mix during the summer of 2017. The Italian arrived from AC Milan’s Primavera side on a free transfer and is on loan with Serie C side Pro Piacenza this season. The 19-year-old recently sat down with for an interview, here are his comments on various topics.

On his first professional season: “This is my first experience as a pro, Pro Piacenza has a solid project behind it and is a really interesting team. I’m happy to be here, I have to get involved and understand what level I am on. Lazio gave me confidence, let’s see how these two years will go. I will try to give my best. Ledesma? Playing with him is exciting, I try to learn from Cristian both on and off the field. His presence will be essential for me this season.”

On which player he is inspired by: “Marco Reus is a very strong player. Even though he has had several injuries and is only recovering now, I hope he can return to play as he once did with Borussia Dortmund.”

On Lazio’s Champions League chances: “Absolutely, last year it was a shame to lose the last one with Inter. Even this season, however, we will be able to fight until the end. The others have strengthened, but Lazio is always a difficult team to beat, both at home and away from home. I am very optimistic about it.”

On his potential Serie A debut with Lazio: “Absolutely, it would be a fantastic experience. Who would not want to?”


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