Stefano Mauri defends Wallace after Empoli-Lazio

Former Lazio captain Stefano Mauri may no longer play for the club but the former midfielder is always keen to voice his opinion on a club that he loves very much. Speaking to radio station RadioseiMauri reacted to the game between Lazio and Empoli, defending Wallace and giving his thoughts on the performance:

They wanted the three points and they arrived. The goal was achieved but I still saw some players subdued and below last year’s standard. The fans expect something different but a good result can help. I do not know why some players are not at their best, after a month they should be almost at the top. 

“I also thought that if you do not close the games, you risk losing them. Wallace? Against Empoli he did not really have a bad game, then there was that final situation in which he misread the action. I think that if Inzaghi chooses him, it’s because he thinks he’s the best player available right now.”

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