Lazio vs Genoa, Inzaghi: “Caicedo and Immobile can play together, I have so many players to choose from”

At the end of the match between Lazio vs Genoa, biancocelesti coach Simone Inzaghi analyzed the success to Lazio Style Channel, 233 of Sky.

“I have not called my brother Pippo yet, but I’ll do it soon, he got a good victory and it’s right that he enjoys it, like us!

“The boys today were very good, they had to deal with some minor changes to the starting eleven, but all in all, they played well. It was not a simple match, it was complicated when Il Grifone scored early in the second half to make it 2-1 off a lucky rebound of the ball, but we did not disunite and we were determined to find the third and the fourth goal.”

Caicedo and Immobile can play together, the Ecuadorian deserved to start the race not only for the performance on Thursday but for the work he’s been putting on since he arrived. It is not easy to stay behind three like Immobile, Luis Alberto and Correa, but we must be ready, he deserves what he has been living in these past few days. Because of last year’s defeat [to Genoa], we knew we needed to win.”

Patric always trains in the right way, I wanted to insert him first, but after having already made two substitutions, the third change must always be managed because you never know what can happen.”

“Starting tomorrow morning, even with my staff already from tonight, our heads will be focused on Udinese. It will not be easy, we must tackle it in the best way possible.”

“I’m always in trouble, I have so many players to choose from: for example, today I wanted to insert Murgia and Cataldi. I replaced Badelj in the Europa League because he was on a yellow card, I did not want to risk losing a player. Everybody calls me into question every day with their efforts in training”.

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