Arne ”The Moon Beam” Selmosson – A Matter of Respect

Selmosson, Source- Jnytt

Selmosson, Source- Jnytt

In Saturday’s Derby della Capitale former Lazio player Aleksandar Kolarov scored for Roma. Even if respect didn’t repeat itself, history did. At the same time as Kolarov scored, he joined Swedish striker Arne ”The Moon Beam” Selmosson as just the second player in history to have scored for both Lazio and Roma in the Rome derby.

Selmosson arrived at Lazio in 1956, scoring 31 goals in 101 games. One of the goals came against Roma on March 16, 1956. But Lazio’s financial situation and the threat of relegation forced the club to sell their valuable blonde striker in 1958. And the highest bid came in fact from the club across the Tiber River.

Selmosson that actually wanted to stay, was forced to switch shirts during the summer of 1958, which caused protests among the Lazio fans. All that affection was mutual. And Selmosson – protagonist of a football of other times – did not limit himself to reciprocate it in words. Instead, he gave a demonstration on November 30, 1958, the day of Lazio – Roma. It took him only 9 minutes to get the goal, but this time he did it in the Roma shirt.

But after the ball went into the net, he simply returned to his position and did not celebrate. He did so out of respect for the team and the fans who had given him so much in that city. The whole stadium applauded him for that gesture. Someone found himself in the same situation and was not able to repeat the gesture. A matter of dignity. 

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