Lazio battle with Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League this evening, with Kosovar midfielder Valon Berisha possibly set to finally make his Lazio debut after joining the club from Red Bull Salzburg over the summer. Due to an injury, Berisha is yet to play for the Biancocelesti but has been on the bench for the past couple of weeks and finally looks set Fito play.

Simone Inzaghi is reportedly making changes to the squad ahead of the match tonight but will not be making any concessions, putting out as close to a full strength side as the Italian head coach is able to do so. Whether this means Berisha is risked or saved for the game against Fiorentina on Sunday, a debut is now just a matter of moments away for the 25-year-old.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the match, Berisha answered the following questions:

What is your favorite role? Will we see you on the pitch tomorrow?

I would like to play from midfield looking at our squad, I’m happy to be back available, I want to return to high levels as in the past. If the coach will let me play from the beginning I will give everything for the team.”

How are you after the injury?

“I’ve been training with the team for two weeks, it has been a difficult couple of months, it took longer than expected to recover. I like winning and I want to help the team. I try to be ready to meet the demands of the coach.”

What do you think of Lazio? Can it achieve the goals it has set itself?

“Yes, we can reach them both as a team and as a company. It has a very high quality. We already said last year that he was a very powerful and difficult opponent to play with. We were lucky winning 4-1. The Serie A is among the five most important championships and I am very proud to be able to play here. In the championship there are many strong teams and we must always give 100%.”

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