Acerbi: “I will always give my best with Lazio”

Acerbi and Tare, Source- Official S.S.Laziocerbi

At the end of Lazio vs Fiorentina, biancocelesti defender Francesco Acerbi spoke to the Lazio Style Channel microphones.

Call to the Italian National teamI’m happy. The work you do every day, always trying to improve yourself, in the highs and lows, even in defeats, without ever giving up, in the end, gives you these satisfactions. I will always give my best with Lazio to conquer the National team too.”

FiorentinaWe lost after 5 victories, it is not a long strip that of the two defeats. The club and its fans are very demanding, this makes us always stay alert, but we must never be negative otherwise we will not move forward. Fiorentina had time to prepare for the match, we only had one day. The desire to fight and win has allowed us to make the result. We were suffering but not very much. Fiorentina attacks, their young players are strong. The victory was more than deserved. We closed the game well: this is a starting point, we must be humble, even behind the ball. Attack in eleven and defend in eleven, just as Juventus does. We must learn from the best.”

Clashes in the areaI was not afraid, but sometimes the referee can decide whether to give penalties or not. Orsato did well, it was a physical match. If he gave a penalty for my challenge, Caicedo should have also received one.”

Immobile? He is a great striker, his numbers speak for themselves. He has a huge desire to score. I have the same desire to not concede. I always try to give my best, sometimes I exaggerate”.