Lazio vs Fiorentina, Immobile: “It was a goal for everyone”

Ciro Immobile, Source- S.S.Laziommobile

Ciro Immobile provided victory for Lazio yesterday as they took on Fiorentina for Matchday 8 of the Serie A TIM. A club that has never been punished by the attacker in the Italian league, Immobile found the back of the net in the only goal of the match at the Stadio Olimpico. With this goal, the #17 was interviewed by Lazio Style Channel.

“Fiorentina were the only club I have met in Serie A that I had not scored against. I’m happy, we deserved the victory after two difficult Matchdays. It is a very good victory before the break and we will now work hard for the match against Parma. My goal today is worth so much for our ranking and for the morale of everyone – it is a goal for the team. We know what we have been through, we have worked hard, we talked little and we have seen the result we wanted. The problem was the derby, our ranking has always been good. The public expected a different reaction to the derby, but we can win or lose and we have not played well. But we are men, we reacted and today we have seen.”
“Bandage to my hand? Maybe the little finger broke, I heard a crack, we hope everything is fine. In the team, there are players with more character that have to drag this team forward and I took this responsibility. I’m happy for the victory today”.