Galli: “Lazio is a strong side, Fiorentina is growing”

Giovanni Galli, Source- GazzaMercato

Giovanni Galli, Source- GazzaMercato

Lazio tears three important points away from La Viola of former Lazio manager Stefano Pioli, winning by a measure of 1-0 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Speaking to Lady Radio’s microphones about the Serie A TIM clash was Giovanni Galli, a former player of Fiorentina.

“We must take into account the strength of the opponent and their current form. Lazio came from a difficult period, but the spirit and technical strength of the team must also be recognized. They had a huge need to come out with a good result. Lazio is a strong side that has now found its dimension, while Fiorentina is growing, it is a young team that can make some mistakes. It was certainly not a good match from either side”.

Whilst former Laziale have deemed that it was a good match by Lazio, Galli goes against them, stating the exact opposite. Fiorentina will now take on Cagliari at home in their next match of the Serie A TIM.

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