With the help of Ciro Immobile, Lazio overcame La Viola and secured three points in Matchday 8. Despite the suffering in the final moments of the game, the Romans held their ground also coming out with a clean sheet. To analyze the match, the assistant coach of the Capitoline club Massimiliano Farris spoke in the post-match press conference; Simone Inzaghi’s second showed up in the press room due to the aphonia that hit the biancoceleste coach, unable to speak effortlessly.

Yes, we suffered a bit… “Going ahead and making the score 2-0 would have made us suffer a little less. We feared Fiorentina, but we expected it. If the derby could have left mental waste, there was also physical difficulty against Frankfurt. There was a lack of management in the second half, but I think it’s more a physical matter than a mental one. In any case, we won the match against Fiorentina deservedly”.

What can you tell us about the substitutions in the match? Felipe Caicedo seemed a bit tired, the team had lowered level too much. As for Wallace, he was replaced by Luiz Felipe because there was a footballer like Chiesa who could put him in trouble”.

A judgment on Fiorentina? “We studied Fiorentina having very little time,
we realized that we needed a player like Caicedo who knows how to keep the ball and get the team up the pitch. He also plays with Ciro Immobile well.”

A judgment on the match? “Last year at home with Fiorentina we played a game similar to this one, which then was decided with a penalty in the final for La Viola. Fiorentina puts you in trouble for how to build the game, Biraghi tried to spread out the match thus sending Wallace out wide. The ball possession could have been better managed, but then maybe there was a bit of fatigue.”

A judgment on this Lazio? “We had no doubts about group ability and starting as a team. A premise has to be made: 8 games, 6 wins, and two losses. We lost the derby and against Frankfurt. The boys have funded all their energies. The boys wanted to give everything against Fiorentina because they knew there was a stop later. The stadium also in the final minutes helped the team that was in difficulty”.

Potrebbe essere questa la soluzione, mettere Caicedo insieme ad Immobile?

“Io non cancellerei Luis Alberto, lui sa giocare e non da punti di riferimento e in quel caso si inserisce Milinkovic-Savic. Le percussioni di Lulic erano calcolate, perché la Fiorentina concede qualcosa su quella fascia. Dando pochi punti di riferimento creiamo situazione pericolose”.

Milinkovic-Savic? “We are expecting a lot from Sergej because we are used to what we have seen last year. He is a sensitive element in our side, you will feel a minimum of pressure given the numbers that have been released on his account. Despite his impassive face, he is a sensitive athlete.”

“Do not go too excited or bad if things do not go as planned – I stress 8 games, 6 wins. The Derby may have left some bad feelings in the whole environment but then we reacted”.