Lazio will take advantage of the break to recover their energy and prepare for the away match against Parma in the best possible condition. To the Lazio Style Radio 89.3 microphones, biancoceleste athletic trainer Fabio Ripert spoke: “Next Wednesday the National players will return and we will have the whole group with us. Those who did not start this past weekend had targeted and personalized exercises. When there is a midweek match it is difficult to manage the athletic aspect. We are always connected to the national teams of the respective players, so all training reports are sent to us. With each player we evaluate the situation at hand, there is a continuous feedback that is fundamental. We are four coaches, so we work in a very analytical way with the whole team. As the coach says, the staff is essential to create a group and move forward”.

On physical condition: “The results have a great influence on people’s judgment. If we compare today’s data with those of last year, it is clear that we are not physically worse. Victory or defeat affects the opinion of people who do not have the right knowledge to make an assessment. The preparation is always the same, there is no sprint or slow start, as I often hear. This is a time when all the physical, resistance or strength parameters are improved. Maybe one can work more on the muscle rather than on the aerobic, or vice versa. There are players who have different characteristics, and with which we work differently. There are those who walk many meters during the game and then return high-intensity data and those who play differently and do not have to cover those distances”.

On Jordan Lukaku: “Jordan is a player who surprises us for athletic skills. In the derby with Roma, I remember that I was impressed by his strength. He emitted very high intensity. Now he’s back in a group, he is working hard and wants to get back into the game. He will be fundamental for us”.