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Alessandro Murgia in Italy U21 vs Belgium U21, Source:

Lazio players Alessandro Murgia and Pedro Neto took to the field with their respective selections (Under 21 and Under 20). Italy and Portugal played matches against Belgium and Switzerland. Italy took to the field today at 18:30, while Portugal played the Swiss at 16, both games were friendly.

MURGIA – Italy Under 21 in Udine is defeated by Belgium. The Azzurrini deserved more luck, given the general trend of the match. The game ended 1-0 for the guests, a result a bit unlucky because the hosts have created chances several occasions, playing especially a great first half. In the second half the pace drops and the friendly becomes less dynamic. The team coached by Di Biagio, however, holds the fort well. The goal arrives at the 81′ from the feet of Amuzu, who skips past Calabria and places it where Scuffet can not reach. The fact that it was not the right night is even more evident with the post hit in the final minutes by Valzania. Beyond the result, Italy played an excellent match. For the Lazio man Murgia there was time to shine, the player played 60 minutes before being replaced by Zaniolo. The midfielder has done good work, with a lot of dynamism and some insertion in the opposing area.

PEDRO NETO – Portugal Under-20 drew 1-1 in the match against Switzerland this afternoon. At the Estadio Municipal de Rio de Maior, the dances were opened in the second half by the hosts with the Pusic goal at 57 minutes in which José Gomes replied in the 72nd minute. So the Portuguese – whose selection contained the Laziale Pedro Neto – do not go beyond the draw against the Swiss. Pedro Neto had space in the second half, the biancoceleste player entered in the 60′ taking the place of Elves Baldé.


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