Bianchi talks about Parma vs Lazio, Immobile, Lotito, and more

Ahead of the Parma vs Lazio match, Ex-Lazio forward Rolando Bianchi spoke in an interview with Radiosei

“When in Rome I did not do much, but I had the chance to meet many people. The environment of Lazio is very beautiful so for me it was a great time, short and intense. Lotito is doing important things with Lazio, he is building a solid company that is getting results both from an economic and technical point of view. The team is growing year by year and now it is also competitive in Europe “.

Rolando Bianchi on Immobile: “A great player like him has the desire and determination to play in the national team. The exclusion of him will have positive effects because it will be more motivated to do better “

Rolando Bianchi speaks about this season – “Lazio in the past few seasons has done crazy championships. This year it will eventually reach the goal by going to Europe. The team is there, the coach is good, the group seems excellent so you can rest assured. Passing the test against Fiorentina was the correct answer to the lost derby. The poor performance of Milinkovic and Luis Alberto leads to underperformed Immobile. In the summer market, an interest from teams like Real Madrid can affect the performance in the league. Milinkovic involuntarily can no longer do things like before, influenced by these sirens. He must try to always give his best because with an important performance he can start doing things at his own levels again.” 

Rolando Bianchi on Parma – Lazio – “Parma is an annoying opponent. It defends very well behind and launch attacks with the arrows like Gervinho. Lazio must not allow the possibility to do either deep defending or all-out attacking.”

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