Bonifazi: “My family are Lazio fans”

Bonifazi + Spal - Source - FoxSports

Bonifazi + Spal – Source – FoxSports

His goal gave Spal a 2-0 win against Roma at the Olimpico – Kevin Bonifazi, who grew up in the youth teams of Tor Tre Teste and Tor di Quinto, spoke about the match to the microphones of these are his comments:

ON THE GOAL – “I have no words. The Olimpico is the Olympico. To score here, in this stadium where Roma, Lazio play, the big names in Europe are a lot of stuff. My family are Lazio  fans,  but I think only of Spal, the team I owe everything to.”

ON VANJA MILINKOVIC – “A special episode on a day of celebration, but it does not matter. He is very strong, he is big, young. I believe so much in him. We are so much friends, we are always together “.

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